Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another Philadelphia Story.

Brian and Janet had their lives mapped out, time to finish school for Janet, time for saving and improving the house for Brian; then, anticipate the stars to align around the year 2013 when the wedding had been planned right here at the lake.

Brian has never been happier.

For the few days that we had all together we got to know a whole lot about their courtship, his flying to Philadelphia to propose, their visit up to Oregon to introduce Janet to us, visiting his sister in Eugene, all the time sharing all the many activities they had planned together, including a possible business venture utilizing their talents and skills.

They were mapping their future world, one day at a time, one experience at a time, connecting with families, talking about what was important.

We'll be visiting Southern California soon, for the first time since the Memorial. I will be thinking about them this way; I'll be seeing his happy face all around the old hangouts.


  1. ... the image of them on the bicycle is priceless. Never stop seeing his happy face.

  2. I read somewhere that he was most practical when purchasing presents. He bought Janet this bike.

  3. I am glad that when you visit California you will be taking his happy face with you. So important to remember all the happy times. I hope that janet is well. Lovely post, take care Diane

  4. What lovely photos, happy memories in posts like this one are such a great tribute to your son.

  5. The first picture is adorable and happy! They shine. I hope somehow this knowledge of your son being in love and being loved comforts your heart.
    xxmuch love