Sunday, September 22, 2013

Last post.

This is the last picture we had of me on one side, Brian next to me, his fiance' Janet, Pia, my daughter and Jason her husband, and  Ken on the opposite side.
The date, July 2, 2011 was our anniversary, and we were most happy to have two of our children and their loved ones  celebrate with us at Redfish, here in Port Orford, Oregon.

If you had asked me on this date what we were most proud of, we would have told you, without hesitation, that we were most proud of the people our children chose to associate with, and the people they chose to spend their future with. Brian, our youngest, had just become engaged. He and Janet were most happy, and we were all celebrating our good fortunes.

I'm closing this blog. I thank you for your sweet words of support these past two years.