Sunday, October 14, 2012

Changing lights and other useful things...

Brian was definitely a hands-on, get it done kind of guy attacking a mechanical or electronic problem with the simplest of solutions first.

Whenever something needed fixing around the house, ever since he was a youngster, he jumped in with tools he gathered from his room. He had always been curious about how things worked and had tools everywhere, for he knew any minute he might need to fix something.

On one of his birthdays, I bought him a book entitled How Things Work, (or something like it!), that became a favorite of his for years.

Ever since we moved up here, and our health and physical abilities have begun to slow way down, a visit from Brian would guarantee that those burned lights got changed, the pump drained and turned off, the garden tilled, the batch of debris accumulating on the roof or in the garden got cleared up, or transported to the dump, and any little appliance that needed fine tuning was fixed and oiled and put back to good use.

Here he is in his front yard, digging and planning a native garden that would provide flowers and seed for wildlife, as  well as great herbs for the many dishes he enjoyed cooking.
On our last visit, I suggested he add more oregano and basil.


  1. I am sure that the garden will always have great memories. You will look at plants and think of Brian with good thoughts. Take care Diane

  2. This time of year with so many things needing to be done in preparation for the winter months, Brian most probably can be seen everywhere. I hope, Rosaria, that each year will bring you a softer kind of memory.......a happy rememberance and a sweet warming to your heart.

  3. Such a wonderful photo of Brian. I know you both miss him terribly. It is a good thing that you can write about him even though the memories are bittersweet. Like Snap-Smith said: may "each year...bring you a softer kind of memory...a happy remembrance and a sweet warming to your heart". Sending love... Cheryl

  4. Gardens are such perfect places for memorials, memories, planting new beginnings, and putting old ones in a safe place to bloom into something else....

  5. I failed to mention how pleased he was to be helpful!