Sunday, November 25, 2012

In all the little places

In that
strip of freeway
around the foothills of Chatsworth
back from collecting your wages
from some client
who stiffed you,
you didn't notice
how your foot
handled your anger
and got home
with your
first speeding ticket.

You learned how everything becomes
shiny again when rubbed with pride
at your first job at Fallbrook Theaters
everyone's messes
coming home
after my bedtime
riding a bike
you purchased with
the first month's wages.


  1. Yes, a place can do that. Bless the memories of him.

  2. Those memories can be real blessings.

  3. Memories are always there, I find them all the time and of course writing my memoirs as such is bringing everything back. I am sure that the same happens to you with this blog, but they are good memories which you will never forget. Take care Diane