Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Read my shirt.

Like music tunes
your t-shirts
in your playful life.

They were part of your beat.

Friday, January 4, 2013


 (Brian and Janet and Butters in Port Orford, July 4th weekend, 2011)

 (this one has a definite date, Michael's birthday party, 2011)


 (in Port Orford, 2010)

 (with friends, from the haircut, @2010)

 (Brian and Newkie @2006)

(Brian at Cape Blanco, @2005)

I'm stuck in a ever-repeating loop,
Counting backwards
to find my way all the way back
like the time we
hiked Cape Blanco,
fighting the winds,
dodging heavy surf
all the way to the lighthouse.

You drove up all night,
to spend a few hours with us
on that Christmas Eve.
We picked you up in Eureka
a few times
when you were in a big
back to a
life without us.
I knew so little about your adult life.

I found out
a whole lot more
at your funeral.