Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Loved Challenges.

Christmas, 2003, Port Orford.  Brian and Jasmine, his niece, on the dock, at Garrison Lake.

The entire family  was together that Christmas, some in sleeping bags, some on couches. The small cottage of three bedrooms was bursting at the seams.  The weather was cool and wet, typical December,  and these two pictures were taken on an occasional break from the rain.

What I remember most about that Christmas was how Brian and Jasmine spent hours trying to fish in the lake, cold and wet and focused.I have a whole roll of film showing the two of them on that dock. Jasmine and Brian casting and casting and hoping.
They didn't catch any fish on that occasion.

We did, however, have fish for dinner: Cioppino with crab and rockfish and shrimp we purchased from Tony's Crab Shack in Bandon.

During the same week, we experienced our first Port Orford storm, hurricane winds that knocked the power out for a few hours and rattled our nerves. Brian kept the fire going in the fireplace, hauling wood from a dark garage, helping with a make-shift breakfast that included coffee in an old-fashioned metal ware pot.

He loved these challenges!


  1. Another glimpse into the life of your Brian .. I am not surprised that he didn't give up on the fish or that he kept your fire going.

    A blogger friend of many (Stafford Ray in Australia) lost his 51 year old son David a few weeks ago. David was homeless, had conquered heroin and methadone addiction .. couldn't conquer alcohol. He had been a gifted musician, hooked on drugs when he was a teen - drugs willingly provided by older band mates. David was assaulted on a Sydney street, kept waiting in an ER for hours, wandered out and across the street to a park where he died. He left behind two daughters and his grieving father. I thought of you and all your pain when I learned of Stafford's loss.

  2. We don't ever expect to outlive our children. It's against nature and nothing ever prepares us for this loss. Thanks for the visit, and your constant support.

  3. Hi Rosaria, I love reading about Brian. I feel as I knew him so well. I know of him thru you!!!Thanks, Mac