Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Brian.

You were the tallest one in the family,
and proud of it!
Every birthday was a challenge 
to see where you landed 
on the foot scale.
You topped me at age twelve,
your sister at fourteen, I think.
When you topped your father and brother 
you celebrated in grand style.
But this tree looked down on you
and it too stopped having birthdays.
Another event in a tragic season.

Changes, everywhere, all the time
among stars
and grains of sand,
forever imbedding
in our loved ones' hearts.

Happy Birthday, Son.


  1. May closure come to you, Rosaria. Closure is not forgetting, it's integrating the irreversible.
    Paul C.

  2. I love the above comment! "Not forgetting but integrating."

    Happy Birthday, Brian. I wish I had known you. A quality person with so much to offer...........

  3. Wonderful tribute to your lost son, Rosaria. God bless you.