Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's all good, people.

(Chris Baron and Brian)

I met most of Brian's friends, with the exceptions of his childhood friends, at his memorial, school friends, friends and spouses of friends he knew for the last ten years, and his colleagues at L3.
I met many more at the building of his memorial garden too.
I knew nothing of them.

This picture of him and Chris Baron show that both of them sport a bit of a beard!
Perhaps even a mustache.
And the smile says it all, with the thumb to cement it all: It's all good, people!

Yes, the thumb was up in most of his pictures with friends, letting it be known that things were fine, were all a go!

It's all good, people, he'd say, let's play a game. Why, I just thought of this one...


  1. I can only imagine the emotion running through you as you write about Brian ... such a beautiful face.

  2. Catching up with your memories after taking a break. Keep well Diane

  3. Beautiful photo of what must have been a beautiful friendship. Thanks.

  4. I like to think that Brian was whispering in your ear........It's all good, people!" Words of comfort?