Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pet lover.

If the lake wasn't icy, you'd swim in it, as vigorously as Butters did.
This particular day you were trying to tell Butters how to manage the reeds around the dock. She jumped in and couldn't get herself out. You bent down, grabbed her and pulled her up.

You challenged Butters to run, swim, never give up.

You had quite a challenge getting Newkie and Butters to share space. You took great care of them, making sure they saw the vet regularly, and feeding them appropriately. They were lucky pets.


  1. p.s. Newkie and Butters still feed out of the same bowls you set up, with the same food and quantities you had prescribed. Butters is in the same neighborhood, visiting her old places often. Newkie has adjusted to our place nicely, spending a lot of time on the deck and the immediate forest. She doesn't like the rain, though.

  2. I remember the day Brian got Newkie. It was for his 22nd Birthday and he saw her & immediately fell in love with her. He said she had the colorings of Newcastle beer. Did you know that her 'christened' name is Newcatsle Thorell Williams (Brian picked Thorell...).
    I remember when we brought her home, Newkie came out of her lil box & sat on Brian's lap... roamed in my car and went to the back seat to visit with Amanda & other friends.

  3. Cat, no, I didn't know how her name came about. So she is ten this year! Has she always been so mellow? Did she get hurt in Riverside? She seems to have a slight twist in her body.
    Thanks for the update, Cat.
    Hope you're doing well.

  4. Newkie has always been the laid back cat she is today. She was the runt of the litter and Brian loved that about her. She was hit by a van once in Riverside, at the Athena house... probably when she was 2. A mini van was coming down the street & Newkie decided to jet across the street. The bumper caught her back end and she tumbled. She wasn't so hurt so we decided to see how she was the next day. It seemed to have just knocked the wind out of her & bruised her up... but that is the story behind the twist. :)