Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A man at the top of the game.

Brian, Janet and Butters,  in Port Orford, July  2011.

Brian was at the top of his game. He had a great job, doing what he loved doing, applying science to solve problems, he and Janet had been engaged for a few months, and they were beginning to plan summer wedding at the lake.

On that Fourth of July weekend, they enjoyed the dunes, the sandy shores, and this dock at Lake Garrison where Butters would jump in these frigid waters and fetch a stick or a ball, sometimes getting stuck in the reeds, but always eager to  play the game over and over again.

The previous summer, they had gone on the Rogue Rapids, spending the day soaking up the sun, the river, the excitement of the Rogue.

Back in Long Beach, he found time to do it all, ride a bike, work in his yard, repair the car, even volunteer with Habitat for Humanity on weekends.  He had made some tough choices when he sold his brand new Acura sports car to finance a home. He made a great life for himself, through self-sufficiency, solid work habits, smart budgeting, and most importantly, by choosing an outstanding woman to love.

As parents, we are most proud of the man Brian became.
As we miss him, we also feel a great dose of gratitude for having had the privilege to raise such a man.


  1. Although his life was cut short it sounds like he had a wonderful experience with and in life. Love, accomplishment, growth and joy. I'm sure there were probably some difficult times also but it sounds like Brian might have made lemonaide out of the lemons. It's so lovely that you express your heart-warming memories with us all. Thank you, Rosaria for your sharing.